About Me

I grew up on TV. Well, not literally. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I was obsessed with American television. So much so that at age 7, when my family and I immigrated to the United States, I already spoke English fluently. Throughout my early childhood, I dreamed of working in movies, though not in front of the camera. I wanted to be a movie pyrotechnician, setting up all the cool special effects in the movies I loved (I suspect I’m not the only kid who dreamt of blowing stuff up for a living).

Yada-yada-yada, shit happens. I got slightly more practical. Went to the University of Florida (criminology degrees are practical, right!?). Went to law school. Got an amazing job as a prosecutor for the Department of Homeland Security and moved to New York City. Then one day, I happened on a Facebook post look for contestants on a new reality TV show, Whodunnit?, billed as CSI meets Survivor. “What the hell,” I thought, “sounds fun.” Competing on Whodunnit? was extremely fun; and it brought back all of those childhood dreams of making film and TV. (I won, in case you are wondering).

The “reality TV to acting” road is well traveled, and littered with failures. But my career as a lawyer has taught me nothing if not preparation. I enrolled in the William Esper Studio and learned the craft of acting from some of the best teachers in New York (and improved my in-court performances in the process!).

So here I am, lawyer by day, actor by… also day! Here goes nothing.